Project Go For Broke – Progress

We are working on the firewall, getting everything shaved and smoothed out.  Routing the junction block for the coolant and A/C lines along with finalizing pedal placement and making A LOT OF NOISE!! We also shot another video explaining some

Project Go For Broke – Brake Fabrication

Since we had the stance where we wanted it and the motor semi mocked up, we focused our attention on the brakes. This car will have some SERIOUS stopping power, but rather then going to the interweb and ordering up

Project Go For Broke – Some Mock Up

We have started to come up with a plan of things to do to this mean machine. We know it will have Twin Turbos and an LS1, It will be put down in the weeds with adjustable air suspension and

Project Go For Broke – Deconstruction!

We pulled the 1970 Chevelle that we had sitting in the back yard for a number of years into the shop to finally make it into the Pro-Touring super car it should be! After close inspection we found LOTS of

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